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都钢 Dk Tonic Capsules (100 Caps)

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新一代“ 都钢” 改进配方, 功效更佳, 药性温和, 不上火不燥热, 是无酒精, 百分百纯天然的草本保健品, 它不含任何防腐剂, 人造或化学成分。它能帮助 您调整且增强人体中各个系统, 如免疫系统大小循环, 五行内脏, 经络, 神经, 排毒等。自2009年推出以来,“都钢”(前名“独刚”) 大受好评,人人都赞好。


新一代的 "都钢" 改进配方, 功效更佳, 药性温和, 不会燥热, 是无酒精, 百分百纯天然的草本保健品。它能帮助调节和增强人体各个系统, 如免疫系统, 五行内脏, 经络, 神经, 排毒等。自2009年推出以来, "都钢" (原名"独刚") 受到了广泛好评。 


  • 促进血液循环系统, 保持心脏健康, 辅助维持健康血压。
  • 缓解手脚冰冷症状, 使人睡得安稳。
  • 辅助鼻腔正常功能, 使呼吸气管通畅。
  • 缓解肌肉及关节不适, 腰背酸痛, 肌肉及关节僵硬等。
  • 护眼不怕光, 降低偏头痛或头痛等问题。
  • 促进皮肤和循环系统,改善皮肤光泽,减少清除湿疹, 皮疹, 老人斑等。


What is “DK Tonic” ?

New "DK Tonic" is a non-alcoholic, 100% natural herbal supplement formulated to support overall health and well-being. It helps to nourish the blood and regulate the body's 12 meridian systems, also known as the energy channels. It also works to enhance various vital systems in the body, such as the immune system, internal organs, and nervous system, and supports detoxification.

Since its launch in 2009, "DK Tonic" has been committed to providing a pure, healthy product without any artificial preservatives, chemicals, or ingredients. 

Health Benefits: 

  • New "DK Tonic" improve blood circulation, support cardiovascular health, and regulate blood pressure.
  • Relieves cold feet and hand syndrome, improve sleep quality.
  • Alleviate respiratory issues such as sinus problems.
  • Provide relief for backaches, joint pain, stiff limbs, and muscle stiffness.
  • Protect eye health, reduce migraines and sensitivity to light.
  • Improve skin circulation, radiance as well as alleviate skin allergies such as eczema.
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